Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will it cost?
There are many factors that determine cost. How large an area to be irrigated, how many flower beds, any special considerations, etc. When you call for your FREE estimate, we will leave an exact quote for the cost of your system

2. Do I have to be home when you do my estimate?
We prefer that someone be present to answer questions regarding what areas are to be covered, and to ensure that you get exactly what you want in a sprinkler system. We are flexible with scheduling, usually doing estimates in the afternoon and evening hours to accommodate our customers' work schedules.

3. What exactly does an estimate entail?
We will begin by returning your call in a timely fashion. Secondly, we will work with your schedule to arrange a convenient time. When we arrive, you will be greeted by one or both owners, who will ask questions to determine what YOU want. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We will then begin the design process. Each zone will be measured to achieve complete coverage of all areas to be watered. We will provide you with a written estimate that will be the actual cost of the system we install. We will also provide you with a full color brochure of all the products that we will use.

4. How much damage will you do to my lawn?
During installation, it can be quite a frightening site for a homeowner, no matter the method used. We offer two methods of installation, both traditional trenching and vibratory plow. It is our goal to leave your yard as good, or better than we found it. When our job is complete, your neighbors won't even be able to tell that we were there. Until you suddenly have the greenest lawn in the neighborhood that is!

5. What type of warranty to do you offer, and what does it cover?
We offer a two-year warranty on parts and labor. Please read on for a list if what is NOT covered:
    • Acts of God such as lightning strikes, severe downpours, or flooding.
    • Any damage caused by digging.
    • Damage caused by vehicles or other heavy equipment driving over and breaking pipes or sprinkler heads.
    • Damage caused by lawn equipment.

6. What type of controller do you use, and how does it work?
We use Hunter brand automatic controllers. Once they are programmed, you can set it and forget it. It runs on a calendar system and will accommodate any watering schedule or restrictions. This is very helpful when faced with drought conditions and watering restrictions. Once installed, you will be given a short inservice on the operation, and a program will be established so that you may begin watering immediately. These controllers also come with a battery backup. In the event of a power outage, the battery will continue to store your watering program.

7. What about watering when it rains?
Each system we install includes an automatic rain shutoff device. This device is important to water conservation and is also required by code in the state of Georgia.

8. When and how much do I pay?
You will be asked to pay the full amount (the amount that was quoted on your estimate) when the job is completed and you are satisfied. Financing is available through John Deere Landscapes, and credit cards are accepted with prior approval.

9. How do I adjust my Hunter sprinklers?
Click here to view the Hunter guidelines or view our training videos here.

10. What communities do you serve?
If you are in the South Atlanta area, give us a call!  We serve the Coweta County cities of Newnan, Moreland, Grantville, Palmetto, Sharpsburg, and Senoia.  In Fayette county we serve the cities of Fayetteville, Fairburn, Peachtree City, Brooks  and Tyrone.  In South Fulton county we serve Fairburn, Union City, and Palmetto.
For commercial projects we also serve all of East Alabama and West Georgia from South Atlanta to Columbus.
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